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Notice:   Virtacoin is currently experiencing technical difficulties related to the blockchain that processes transactions.  At this time it is not recommended that Virtacoin transactions be initiated.  There is a large project under development that will alleviate this situation within the month of February.  Please check back for updates periodically.  Thanks for your interest in Virtacoin.

Update 2-3-17:  The mining pool E-POOL.net has added Virtacoin.  If you are familiar with mining, direct your miner to stratum+tcp://p2pool.e-pool.net:5761 .  Use your Virtacoin wallet address as the user name and any password.  Payments are sent automatically and have been received promptly, indicating the blockchain is functioning properly.  The network still needs more miners, so if you are inclined to do so, we recommend mining on E-Pool.

Update 2-17-17:  The large project mentioned in the first notice is still underway, however has had some unforeseen setbacks.  Apparently there is a flaw in the Virtacoin core program that is causing the transaction problems and no one has been able to locate the original developer to correct the problem.  The project manager has proposed a plan to create a new coin that would be “swapped”, or traded for the current Virtacoin.  You can see more about this proposal and are encouraged to make comments at the Virtacoin Foundation Forum.

Update 2-18-17:  New Proposal Moving Fast
The plan to rebrand, or swap Virtacoin, seems to be moving at a very fast pace.  It seems that some of the more technically inclined people are supporting the plan, based on the fact that without the original developer the VTA core cannot be updated and repaired. The project team is now taking suggestions on a name for the new coin and will vote at the Forum.  Additional information from the developer is also available there.


Update as of 2-19-17 6:00PM PDT

As of now the recommendation is that VTA2 be adopted as the new name, although the recommendation is that Virtacoin would still be used with the new “ticker” or exchange symbol of VTA2.  The new core will be based on the much newer X13 algorithm.  Bitcoin is being donated so that the developer can get started on the changes, with completion estimated in approximately 10 days.

New Update 2-20-17 9:00AM PDT

Moving forward with this project in a big hurry seems to cause disorganization, thus things change by the minute and trying to determine what is actually current is somewhat difficult.  Apparently the name mentioned in the last update (VTA2) is not official and voting is now taking place with 2 names on the ballot.  One is Virtacoin2 (VTA2) and the other is Virtacoin Plus (VCP).  You can vote at this link.  VOTE HERE


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