Getting Started With VirtaCoin

Getting Started With VirtaCoin

This is a short tutorial to get you started owning VirtaCoin (VTA).  Follow these easy steps.

1. Get a VirtaCoin Wallet. Go to and sign up with a username, active email address and password.

2. Purchase Virtacoin at the VirtaCoin Promotion Fund or at one of the exchanges. The VirtaCoin Promotion Fund is easier if you are not familiar with trading on the exchanges.  Instructions for your purchase and the current rate are on the Promotion Fund web page.  You will make a payment of $1.00 (US) for the exchange amount of Virtacoin.  The payment types and address are listed on the web page.  Be sure to put “VPF” and your virtacoin wallet address (get it when you log into your wallet) in the memo portion of your payment.

Your VirtaCoin (VTA) will be transferred into your wallet.

Although the online wallet is very convenient, we also recommend you get a desktop wallet and encrypt it for storing larger amounts of VTA.

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