Promote & Earn Virtacoin

Promote & Earn Virtacoin

Now you can mirror our website to promote and earn Virtacoin automatically, and also get your own referrals for, Mousetraptraffic, and Bleutrade.  By promoting your link, you will be paid 5 VTA (Virtacoin) everyday for each unique hit to your link.

Here is how to set it up:

1) Get your virtacoinwallet id. To get it go to your
Account and click referrals . You will see a referral link like this: The xxxx is your wallet id.

2) If you have a Mousetraptraffic account get your Mousetraptraffic
Member number which you can find under member Information .

3) If you have a Bleutrade account you can find your Bleutrade ID
by going to My Profile

Only 1) is mandatory, 2) and 3) are optional.

Using the information collected above you can now create your personal VirtaCoin Paid Promotion link which should look like this:

xxxx = your virtacoinwallet id
yyyy = your mousetraptraffic membernumber
zzzz = your bleutrade id

For example, here s the link filled with my own accounts:

If you do not have a mousetraptraffic or bleutrade account then you simply leave them out of the link. For example, if I had only a Virtacoinwallet account and bleutrade , my link would look like :

Now that you have your link you will want to get as many hits to it as possible.

Traffic exchanges are a great way to get hits. Here’s a list of some of the best :

My favorite traffic exchanges are Easyhits4uTraffic-Splash, and  Trafficswarm.

Safelists are useful too. Many of them will give you free mailing credits when you join. Here s a few:

And of course you can post your link on social media, forums, blogs etc.

By promoting your Paid Link you will not only earn VTA and get referrals in up to 3 programs but most importantly you will be helping to grow the number of VirtaCoin users.

Getting more virtacoin users is the best way to get the value of virtacoin to go up! Promoting your Paid Link is not only good for you but for the virtacoin community as a whole.

Good luck and thanks for promoting Virtacoin!

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