Virtacoin Promotion Program

Earn Virtacoin by promoting the link from your online wallet account at on the traffic exchange EasyHits4U.

Follow these easy steps.

  1. You must have the online wallet at If you do not yet have the online wallet, sign up here from the banner in the center of the page at the link
  2. If you are not already a member of the traffic exchange EasyHits4U, sign up using this link:
  3. Get your referral link from the referral section of Go to the My Sites section of EasyHits4U and Add A New Site, using your wallet referral link.
  4. Start Surfing to earn credits at EasyHits4U and assign your credits to your new site. You will earn 5 VTA for each unique hit on your link.  A unique hit is when someone surfs your link. Earning will show in your online wallet account referral section next to Paid Promotion Earnings.

Note:  The Virtacoin Promotion Program is sponsored and administered by and not by  While we are not responsible for your earnings, we will be happy to assist you with getting started.

Additional Bonuses with the 1-2-3-People’s Coin Campaign

You can get rewarded on a daily basis by participating through your account.

1) Upon opening and confirming a new online wallet the new member gets a one-time 2500 VTA welcome bonus AFTER generating at least 10 hits to their paid promotion link.

2) Members get rewarded for logging in to their online wallet every day. To claim their reward they select “DailyBonus” form the wallet menu. This will present a screen with some banners and a captcha. After succesful entering the captcha the bonus will be added to their wallet, BUT ONLY if they also generate hits to their paid promotion link every day.

3) Members get rewarded for referring others up to 3 levels. First level earns 20% of the welcome bonus for a direct referral. Second level gives 10% and third level gives 5%.
Note: This referral reward is only given if the welcome bonus is actually earned by the referral according to rule 1 above.

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