This Website Is For Sale

Shortly after Virtacoin was established as a cryptocurrency, it became apparent that the original website,, was not being maintained (and eventually became inactive). We obtained the domain name and developed the site to provide basic information and links to resources associated with the new cryptocurrency.  We have attempted to keep it simple and understandable, while promoting programs and resources that are reliable.  A fairly substantial amount of private funding has gone into the hosting, development and maintenance of the website, along with promoting Virtacoin through various programs.  The managing partner of our parent organization, Golfandcasting Affiliate Marketing LLC, is beyond his intended retirement age and is discontinuing the operation of several websites, including  Here are some details regarding the potential sale of the website: is currently hosted at and is developed using the integrated WordPress feature provided by the hosting package.  The website itself cannot be moved to another account because it is built on a custom Weaver theme.  The domain name can be transferred to another account, either at or another hosting company.  If transferred to another Godaddy account, we would be happy to assist in setting the site up on WordPress.  Otherwise we are certainly willing to provide images and text necessary to recreate the site similar to the way it is now.  The asking price for the domain name is 3,500,000 VTA or approximately $145 (USD) at the current rate.  If assistance is desired in rebuilding the site, an additional 3,000,000 VTA or $125 (USD) is required.

The domain name and/or website will only be sold to someone who, in our judgement, intends to use the site in a professional and constructive manner as it relates to the Virtacoin cryptocurrency.

Virtacoin has a vibrant community working to build it into the “people’s” coin and hopefully it will continue to be adopted by people (and hopefully countries) around the world. If you have an interest in purchasing the site, or the domain name,  please inquire privately to [email protected]

Thanks for your interest in Virtacoin.